How out protection formula works

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Copyrightworld’s multiple protection is valid in most countries of the world (members of the Berne Union, with blue on map).

How does CopyrightsWorld protect me and my creations?

1. Create your account for free (no credit card required)

Click here to easily create your personal account. This account is your digital identity and its highly secure. That way every creation you submit for copyright protection is linked to your identity immediately (your unique CWID – CopyrightsWorld ID). NO credit card is required!



2. Submit your creation

After you have activated your account you are good to go. Login and click on “New IP submission” service, choose the appropriate category and fill in the necessary information (Creation title, creation file, year of creation etc.) and submit your work. This creation is encrypted and two (2) identical copies are stored in two (2) different locations in COPYRIGHTSWORLD ™’s servers. Immediately afterwards, the submission service asks you to certify the proper receipt of the material. Your creation gets a unique id (IPID, Intellectual Property ID), gets time-stamped (dd / mm / yyyy hh: mm: ss | timestamp |) and gets linked to your own unique identity (through the CWID).

3. Get immediate protection

For every submission of work you make, you will get immediately your “Submission receipt” at your email. This certifies the registration and includes all necessary details such as (CWID -CopyrightsWorld ID-, IPID, time Stamp “dd / mm / yyyy hh: mm: ss”, title).
Caution: Keep this message and don’t delete it.

This way you get another evidence of ownership of the material, since the submission details in CopyrightWorld’s databases, correspond with those sent to your email timestamped by a third party (eg Yahoo, Google, Hotmail). At this point you can get your Copyright Protection Badge and put it underneath your work when you share it online.
Clicking that badge, everyone will see your copyright certification and proof of ownership.

4. Get your Copyright Certificates

CopyrightsWorld officially produces every 30 days, a digital Web Archive, entitled “Copyrights World” (ISSN: 1791-9142. Registered to the “International identifier for serials and other continuing resources, in the electronic and print world” in Paris). Every submission of work our members make between the 1st and the last day of every month, is included in this Web Archive with all the relevant details attached. (eg Poem entitled “The sky”, poem’s body text, and the author’s ID details linked to it.)

Our Web Archive is initially submitted to Google’s data centers (cloud) and gets timestamped (formatted RFC 3339). At the same time the archive gets propagated to Amazon’s data centers (cloud) and gets another timestamp. Finally another physical copy is kept at CopyrightsWorld Vault as well. 

When the above process is completed, you will receive (at no extra cost), your official “Copyright certificates” via email. These certificates include all the required information to prove your copyright (all timestamps and file sizes from Copyrightsworld and partners / third parties), like the date and time you submitted any creation, your CWID (CopyrightsWorld ID) that is linked with and your personal identification details.

CopyrightsWorld database timestamps and protocol numbers included in the Web Archive, gets linked to all those third party timestamps and are finally included in the Copyright Certificate you will receive.

This certificate, that links everything together, is your ultimate evidence of possession for your creations! As a result, this is a clear proof of ownership! (e.g. my creation with Title “the sky” and Protocol Number #1242 was submitted to the CopyrightsWorld, under my name in “Copyrights World” Web Archive, issue 14, date 14 January 2007). Timestamps from multiple and highly credible third party partners verify the above.

This is undeniable evidence of possession of your intellectual work that only CopyrightsWorld™ provides, and immediately defines you as the beneficiary of your work.


You submit a creation.

Your creations gets linked to your ID (CWID), gets stored to Copyrightsworld’s servers, gets a unique Protocol Number and gets timestamped.

You receive a submission receipt.

A receipt gets generated and sent to your email automaticaly. It includes all relative data to your submission and it gets a new timestamp from your email provider (third party). Important. Keep the receipt, it is evidence!

We create a web archive.

A web archive with all the creations submited within a months period, gets created. This includes all creations and creations meta data like timestamps and protocol numbers. All creations are linked to its creators profile via the CWID (CopyrightsWorld ID).

Timestamps by Google and Amazon.

Our web archive is sent to our partners (Google and Amazon) and receives a timestamp (formatted RFC 3339). These are highly credible third party evidence that links to our databases.

Physical disk & official state timestamp.

The digital Web Archive gets burned into two Compact Disks (with an official ISSN 1791-9142). The first one is kept offline into CopyrightsWorld Vault. The second one is submitted to NLG (National Library) and gets an official state timestamp.

Copyright Certificate.

This is the final step that links everything together. After all previous steps are completed, you will receive via email your Copyright Certificate. There you will find all the information related to your submitted creations, meta data, timestamps, dates, protocol number etc. Keep that somewhere safe!

Let’s bring everything together.

Step by step.






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