Frequently asked questions

What is intellectual property (copyright) and how is it acquired?

The right of intellectual property (copyright) is acquired, without formalities, upon completion of the work. The main issue with Copyright is that it is not self-declared. The creator should obtain evidence of possession, in order to claim his rights. This is exactly what CopyrightsWorld ™ can provide to you. Undeniable and solid evidence of possession on a specific date and time.

What rights does a copyright provides to the author?

The sole right to reproduce, use and exploit the work (Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, July 1971). Berne Convention, Contracting Parties.

What type of creations does a copyright protect?

As intellectual work the law defines any original intellectual creation of speech, art or science, expressed in any form, notably written or oral texts, musical compositions, with or without text, drama, with or without music, the choreography and pantomime , audiovisual works, works of art, including drawings, paintings and sculpture, prints and lithographs, architectural works, photographs, works of applied art, illustrations, maps, three-dimensional works referred to geography, topography, architecture or science.

How long does intellectual property (a copyright) last?

The copyright lasts as long as the author’s lifetime plus seventy (70) years after his death, as calculated from January 1st of the year followed the death of the author.

How can CopyrightsWorld™ secure me and my creations?

The right of Intellectual property (Copyright) is acquired, without formalities, upon completion of the work (Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, July 1971, Berne Convention, Contracting Parties). The main issue with Copyright is that it is not self-declared. The creator should obtain evidence of possession, in order to claim his rights.

COPYRIGHTSWORLD ™ protects your intellectual creations and proves unambiguously that the work was in your possession at a particular date and time in the past.

COPYRIGHTSWORLD ™ is the ultimate online registry service for Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property Registry). It is a multifaceted and multiform testimony that ensures your spiritual work. With the use of technology (timestamp), along with traditional methods (Single Serial Issue submission to the US Copyright Office), achieves the goal to secure your intellectual property.
The challenge is to prove that the work was in your possession in a specific day and time in the past. The testimony should be formal and unequivocal. Thus, if there is no earlier evidence of possession coming from another aspirant, automatically is assumed that you are the creator and owner of the work.

CopyrightsWorld ™ protects you comprehensively and unambiguously.

[Read more about how it works]

What type of works does CopyrightsWorld currently support?

We currently support almost all kinds of creations. Ask for details.

Can't I just do the -Poor man's copyright- process?

After so many years this myth being around, nowdays this is kind of a joke. The truth is, we don’t want you to be in the unfortunate situation where your proof of ownership collapses in front of the count of law, in like a second, when you thought you were secured. [Read this article]

Can't I just go to a Notary?

The notary is always a good complementary option, but it is clearly much more expensive and does not provide you with the triple security that CopyrightsWorld does.

I am from the USA, am I protected ?

Yes. USA has signed the Berne Convention since 1989, so the same laws apply. You are globally protected and you can publicly declare that protection. You will only need to register your work with the Library of Congress, if you are a US citizen and you wish to obtain statutory damages in case of infringement within the US.

What is the -Certification of submission- ?

The “Certification of Submission” is the badge by which the public identifies that your work is protected by CopyrightsWorld ™. With each submission you receive and it’s “Certification of submission” (the code), which can be included on any public display of your work. By clicking on the badge, the visitor/reader will be informed through CopyrightsWorld of the submission of your property in detail(eg date, number, etc.).


When should I expect my Submission Certificates?

Within the first 10 days of the month following, your “Submission Certificates” are sent to you via email. (Alternatively you can create and print them out at any time, via the “Certificate publisher” application).

The certificates incliude all the required information in order to track which of your submitted creations are included in which Web Archive and more.

Am I getting hardcopies of my -Submission Certificates- ?

As announced on February 27th 2013, we are going ECO all the way.
So no.
” We are serious about applying the European Directive on Eco friendly companies. We really care about the environment, so starting in 2013 we will do our best to minimize our gas and paper usage.
As a result, we will be using our bicycles for everyday move in the city and we will be offering digital only certificates that you can create anytime you want via our Certificate Publisher app. Of course these certificates have the same value as theprinted ones we did offer, except you can create and use them on demand. It’s a win-win-win! “

How does the -Certificate publisher- application works ?

Every time Copyrightsworld makes a new collection CD-ROM, we mail the “Publication certificates” to all customers that have submitted a creation to that collection.

Sometimes a customer’s address could be filled in incorrectly or the post office may fail to deliver the Certificate to the customer.

That’s why we created the “Certificate publisher” application. Via this app, you can always get your certificates from within your account and print them out.

Watch how it works, on the following video tutorial.

What are credits for?

The COPYRIGHTSWORLD ™ service operates using Credits.

For every Copyright registration 1 credit is required (e.g. for a lyric or a photograph). Credits may be obtained through the “Purchase Credits” application for as low as €0.59, using a credit card, Paypal account or even a bank deposit.

Payments are being processed by the world’s trusted leader in online payments, Paypal™. More than 150 million users worldwide use Paypal (certification VeriSign, SSL).

How safe are my transactions within the CopyrightsWorld™'s environment?

The COPYRIGHTSWORLD ™ is designed with state of the art technologies (WEB 2.0) and uses the latest security protocols. All information is encrypted and all information is submitted within a highly secure environment.

All financial transactions are conducted by our partners at PayPal. PayPal is safely used by more than 150 million users all over the world (certification VeriSign, SSL).

How can I submit my creations to CopyrightsWorld?

The process is very simple and the only prerequisite is to know how to use a keyboard and a mouse. All you have to do is follow a 4 steps submission wizard. After your log-in to CopyrightsWorld™’s secure environment, select “New IP submission” from the menu on your left.

I can't remember my password. What can I do ?

Just click here, and insert your email to the dialogue. A new password will be generated and sent to your mailbox. For further inquiries you can always contact us.

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