Tweet a wish and get some sweet deals!

So, it’s Christmas!
The best time of the year! And what’s better than a sweet, warm wish from your loving ones?

But it’s time for presents too, right?
So we thought it would be awesome if we could combine those too. Wishes and presents for everyone.


Let me make this clear. Here’s what you need to do.

Follow us on twitter (if you haven’t already), and tweet your best wishes @CopyrightYourIp, using the hashtag #copyrightsworld and tag your loving ones!
Write a wish about the world, your family, yourself, anyone or anything. Just make it sweet like sugar.

Here’s the trick. The nicer the wish you write, the better the deal you will get.

Tweet your wish, and we will contact you for your special deal!

So, do your best, use your imagination and be creative!

Merry Christmas to everyone!