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What is CopyrightsWorld for Communities?

Simply put, we enable web communities to offer a state of the art copyright-protection service to their members.

We are looking to partner with online communities that deal with any type of creations such as text, audio, pictures, photos, music, software etc.

With our software integration, your current website will be enabled to provide a well known copyright-protection service to your members using our worldwide trusted protection formula and CopyrightsWorld’s loved brand name.

We current offer word wide protection to thousands of creators from more than 185 countries.

Our service protects creations of the following categories:

  • Sound (Music , Songs , Sound Recording , Podcast)
    Text (Lyrics , Poems, Recipes, Books, Stories, E -book , Reports)
    Software (Applications for eg Apple Store or Android , Applications , Websites)
    Video (Video clips, Film , Animation)
    Visual (Photography , Art , Illustrations , Paintings)

Since we are looking for partners, we have made this a risk free move from your side (contact us for more details).

Why is it important to offer such a service to my members?

With such a copyright-protection service your community will become more valuable to the eyes of creators. Your current members will feel secure to share more with each other and new members will join without second thoughts.

It’s well known that people are scared to share their valuable creations. By offering copyrights protection, you make them feel more comfortable with your community so they can engage with everyone.

Finally, via our seamless integration software, your members won’t have to leave your community’s website in order to register and protect their creations elsewhere. That way, they spent more time interacting with other community members. It’s a win-win!

Listen to Ian

” It’s just simple, secure and so care-free. No headaches involved.
Every time I need something copyrighted, I go to I would highly recommend them. ”

Ian Smith, Songwriter (NY, USA)

How does the Copyright Law works?

Well, it’s quite simple. The person that has valid proof (or multiple proof at best case scenario) of earliest possession (date and time) of a work, is the official beneficiary of that work.

And by “work”, we mean any type of creation in a fixed format. Like music, poems, songs, photos, images, drawings, videos, software, writings, visual art, scripts, plays etc.

As you can see, you don’t really copyright something. You protect and prove the copyright of something.

So, the best thing to do, after completing a work (creation), is to make sure you get some early proof of possession as soon as possible (ASAP) and before sharing it with the world.

Remember! The earliest you get this proof, the better.

Through, you get multiple proof of ownership on every work you submit. You get digital, physical and public proof of possession at the same time. That way you protect your copyrights the most.

Listen to Natalie

” Hey guys, if you are looking for a quick, easy to use and cheap way to copyright your creations, CopyrightsWorld is the way to go. If you can use a mouse and a keyboard then you will be able to use this service. ”

 Natalie, Lyricist (London UK)

Worldwide immediate protection!

Copyrightworld’s multiple protection is valid in most countries of the world (members of the Berne Union, with blue on map).


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